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CorTemp Applications

  • Sports Physiology
  • Firefighting
  • Research & Medicine
  • Occupational Safety
  • Military

  • Monitor heat illness on the field, in the water, or on the racetrack
  • Measure core body temperature in players wearing uniforms
  • Compare brief high-intensity workouts to prolonged endurance training
  • Evaluate the effects of extreme environments on the body
  • Compare the productivity of players in hot and cold environments
  • Track changes of core body temperature during exercise and at rest
  • Monitor open-water swimmers who are exposed to cold water for extended periods of time
  • Supervise new players for the first 14 days for full acclimatization to the heat
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  • Monitor heat illness during training or live situations
  • Evaluate the effect uniforms have on core temperature
  • Identify rising core body temperatures before they reach a dangerous level, especially for at-risk individuals
  • Supervise new firefighters for the first 14 days for full acclimatization to the heat
  • Evaluate the effect of extreme environments
  • Measure core temperature decrease during ice water immersion
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  • Monitor patients during recovery from surgery, recovery, or in ICU
  • Observe the course of a fever during illness
  • Measure temperature changes throughout the female reproductive cycle
  • Assess thermoregulatory responses during daily living
  • Measure temperature changes during sleep studies
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  • Supervise new employees for their first 14 days of acclimatization
  • Observe laborers wearing uniforms & heavy equipment
  • Great for workers using fly-in, fly-out schedules that need monitoring during re-acclimatization
  • Monitor core body temperatures to increase productivity
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  • Acclimate new recruits to extreme temperatures
  • Observe soldiers wearing uniforms and heavy equipment
  • Monitor open-water soldiers who are exposed to cold water for extended periods of time
  • Measure core body temperature of military working dogs
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