A Pill That Tracks Your Core Body Temperature Using Bluetooth Technology and Radio Frequency

Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 5:11 pm | Updated: 10:04 pm, Sat Jan 18, 2014.

Alix Redmonde by Alix Redmonde

Swallow this with a glass of water, wait six hours then use your smart phone to track your body temperature.

Palmetto based company HQInc. said that if you are an athlete or in a profession where you could succumb to the heat, then they’ve got an app for that.

“Its about the same size as a large vitamin pill.” Said Bill Hicks, president of HQInc. “CorTemp is an ingest-able pill easily swallowed with a glass of water that wirelessly monitors your core temperature as it passes harmlessly through your body.” He expanded, “The patient programs the unit which will put the calibration number in it. They will then check to make sure sure the temperature is roughly what it should be to make sure that the sensor is actually working.” The sensor in the pill continuously transmits the signal back to the data recorder.

“Typically you want to wait at least six hours before you actually take the temperature because prior to that it is in your stomach.” he explained. “Because otherwise it will not record your optimal core temperature.”

The FDA approved pill that tracks body temperature is being used to monitor and help consumers avoid heat-stress and other heat related occurrences.

Lee Carbonelli of HQInc. said, “Professional athletes, occupational safety workers such as miners people on the oil rigs, military, NASA astronauts.” She explained, “The pill can even be used in team sports as one monitor can track as many as ninety nine athletes.” she adds, “More importantly though, it is used as a tool to save lives by alerting you before there is a serious medical problem.”

Hicks said, “If you feel symptoms of heat stress, we can take your core body temperature readings and cool you down before the situation gets worse.”

But why would someone choose to swallow a pill rather than the traditional method of monitoring core temperature?

“Its just less invasive than swallowing a rectal or an esophageal probe.” Explained Carbonelli

For those concerned about a foreign object in your body, Carbonelli said have no fear as the pill has been tested and usually passes through your body within twenty four to forty eight hours.

HQInc. obtained the rights for commercial use from Johns Hopkins University in 1988. In 1991 CorTemp technology made its debut in space and was ingested by astronauts so that their body temperature could be monitored and sent back to laptops here on earth. Cortemp was used by astronaut and U.S senator John Glenn in his space shuttle discovery medical experiments.

Now, this technology is available to track you during a marathon or a soccer game.