“In addition to its universal acceptance by all of our participants, the development of the CorTemp® RF capability has enabled us to remotely monitor core body temperature in real time during some of our more realistic scenario simulations.

For example, we were able to continuously monitor the core body temperature of a team of 10 firefighters responding to a simulated high rise building fire, where temperatures in the firehouse exceeded 200°C (at 2 m above floor) and visibility was almost zero due to smoke. We were able to stand at a safe distance outside the firehouse and continue to monitor the core body temperature of all the participants during the scenario, ensuring their well-being during the simulation. Firefighters who became too warm during the trials could then be safely withdrawn and cooled, thereby minimizing the danger of developing any heat illness during the scenario. This was an essential ethics requirement for our study, and would not have been possible without the RF capabilities of the HQ Inc. CorTemp system.”