Dryer cylinder temperatures are the pulse of your dryer section. Based on proven technology developed for NASA, HQ, Inc. brings a new monitoring system to the paper industry, which allows you to continuously monitor your dryer section, the most expensive part of your papermaking investment.  DryerTemp™ uses our ThermoDot® technology to wirelessly measure any rotating dryer in the dryer group, offering accuracy and speed of measurement. This real-time information allows your operators to keep an eye on the pulse of your papermaking process, which makes a world of difference in your production and quality.

Vitamin for your dryer section

Based on HQI’s proven human sensor technology, DryerTemp offers revolutionary technology in the industrial application of wireless temperature sensors. This is a first step in revolutionizing the drying process. This will result in improved controls and efficiency in steam utilization. Based on rugged state-of-the-art sensor technology, this monitor gives you real-time surface temperature information from every dryer in your machine. This improves the health of your entire papermaking process through improved efficiency and production. 

Accurate dryer temperature information

The easy-to-install dryer-mounted sensor generates frequency signals directly proportional to temperature. Wirelessly transmitted, digital signals convert to temperature readings at the operator’s station. If desired, the system can communicate directly with the mill DCS.

The sensor has a temperature range of -40 to 180°C (-50 to 350°F) and an accuracy of ±0.1°C (±0.2°F). The sensor is factory precalibrated and drift free. It also features numerically set calibration parameters. Producing, maintaining, repeating and observing the temperature gradient within the dryer section brings information to the operation, which can be used to manage the drying process to affect quality and productivity levels.

When accuracy is critical

The critical information provided by DryerTemp allows you to increase efficiency, reduce downtime and improve sheet quality.  This eliminates the guess work in the operation of you dryer section, allowing better management of your most expensive investment.